Yearbook Excerpts

1st Year Medical Students

Tambayan:: BSLRE
Chow Grounds: Baon, MSU, Amigo’s
Outfits:: Casual
Prized Possessions:Dissecting Set, McMinn, Clemente
Love Interest: Classmate, Upper Classmen
Perennial Excuse:: “May Anatomy exam ako next week…”

2nd Year Med Students
Tambayan:: BSLR-W
Chow Grounds: MSU, Amigo’s
Outfits:: Casual, Occasional Crisp Whites
Prized Possessions: Transcriptions
Love Interest: Classmate, Upper classmen, Freshmen
Perennial Excuse:: “May Tatlong Exam ako bukas eh…”

3rd Year Med Students:
Tambayan:: Med Libe
Chow Grounds: MSU, Mess Hall, Airport
Outfits:: Semi-crisp whites, occasional casuals
Prized Possessions: Littman steth, Baumanometer BP
Love Interest: Intern, Resident, 1st year/ 2nd year med student
Perennial Excuse:: ” May exam ako bukas, tapos 12 hour duty pa ako mamaya,
after laterals na lang…”

4th Year Med Students:
Tambayan:: Callrooms, Med Libe steps
Chow Grounds: Airport, Mess Hall
Outfits:: Yellowing Whites
Prized Possessions: Belt bag
Love Interest: Intern, Resident, ICC, Student Nurses
Perennial Excuse:: “24 hour duty ako bukas eh…”

Tambayan:: Intern’s call room, Intern’s Dorm, Nurse’s Home
Chow Grounds: Mess Hall, 24-hour deliveries
Outfits:: Blood specked, crumpled whites, red nameplate
Prized Possessions: Duty bag
Love Interest: Extern, Resident, Consultant, ICC, Clerk, Nurse
Perennial Excuse:: ” Duty ako ngayon, wala pa akong clerks…”

20 Years Later:
Tambayan:: Medical Office/ Clinic, OR, sofa, tiangge, iskuwelahan ng mga anak
Chow Grounds: Golf rounds, fine dining restaurants, “Classmate” on Q. blvd,
Shopping Mall, Filipino/ Oriental store
Outfits:: Business Suit, Scrubs, Rumpled long white coat, Golf attire
Prized Possessions: Car, Condo, House, Practice, Rolex, designer bag
Love Interest: Spouse, Significant Other, Residente, Med Rep, McDreamy
Perennial Excuse:: “On-call ako eh…” or “May OR ako…” or “May lecture ako…”
or “May golf game ako…” or “May exam ang mga bata
bukas, kailangan kong i-review…”


Flipping through our yearbook, I found the following quote remarkably prescient:


Henceforth, as mentors ensconced in the fine traditions of established institutions, please remember:
the frustration of having your opinion ignored because you did not have enough white hairs on your heads,
the bewilderment of being in a constantly re-evaluated program riddled with flaws in its implementation;
the elation of winning TRP for the seond time and seeing notes, words and a class come together in one powerful moment;
Henceforth, in the padded comfort of your careers, please remember:

the uncertainty of your first IV insertion;
the pain you caused with your first abbocath;
the confusion of your first internal exam;

Henceforth, when you are blase about your patients and your work, when you are worlds divorced from the enthusiasm of your idealism, please remember:
the agony of your first mortality;
the exhiliration of your first delivery.


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