UPCM89 Anniversary Project: Giving Back, Doing Good

We are the UPCM Class ’89. Almost 25 years ago, we were a bunch of  bright eyed, rosy- cheeked young doctors armed with the knowledge and skills learned at the UP College of Medicine, ready to take on the world. Since then, still rosy cheeked and clear eyed (thanks to Rosacea and Lasik), we have scattered throughout the different continents, applying the lessons we learned at the College to help (we hope) our fellow men and women.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our medical school graduation which marked the beginning of our careers, help us honor our Alma Mater- the UP College of Medicine, in her efforts to continue providing the highest quality medical education and health care services to our families, friends, and compatriots in the Philippines.

[this link takes you to the UPMASA store page through which you can make a tax-deductible donation (in the U.S.) via credit card]

If you wish to make a donation in honor of a UPCM89 class member, please post your name (donor), the name of the class member, and the date in the Reply/ Comments section or send an email to deasis80@yahoo.com so we can credit your donation to that person.
Ex: Jane Smith (Donor) for Dr. Juana Santos (5/13/11)

fundraising ideas
Fundraising Ideas
Special Thanks to our Class Fund Honor Roll for their early donations:

Rita T., Lisa U.

Susie B.


Myrna, Carissa, Leni C., Anabel, Celine, Lito B., Ruben, Rose, Cesar, Eva

Steve F

Malu DA, Len

Fr. RV










Please keep the pledges and donations coming!

Coming Soon: Donation E-cards/ Postcards


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