UPCM/ PGH and Beyond Videos

Musikero 2008
Note scenes in BSLR, Anatomy, and covered walk

*Disclaimer: This is an equal opportunity blog, if any classmate wants to submit a UPCM org related video or post, they are welcome.

Davao Doctors Hospital Christmas Party 2007
The “Spouse Girls” are 5 pediatricians. Recognize our classmate (initials JJ-L) in the light green gown second from the left? (Thanks, Chee!)


Finding Home
An excerpt from PBS documentary featuring Martin B., Sylvia, and Jeff L. which was screened at the Smithsonian a few years back. For those of you who may still be unaware of Martin’s recent activities, check out his blog “On My Way Home”.


I-Harana Mu Video 2007
Aside from being a cute video on its own, the “Harana” was started by the ’89 batch (remember Annette?) and it’s very gratifying to see some of our projects continue.


(*In the interests of equal air time, if you send me a PHI video or any other org, I’ll post it too, basta may relevance sa class natin)

The PGH PA Choir sings Dr. Namnama Villarta’s “Dok,” a song about the trials a medical student goes through and how they cope. This was originally composed for UPCM’s Tao Rin Pala for Class 2004. This video was taken during the concert entitled “ChoralWoRx” last November 23, 2007 at the PhilAm Life Auditorium.



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