Class ’89 Timeline (1990-95)

Mt. Pinatubopc.jpgmarcos.jpgmiss-saigon.jpgsilence of the lambsclintons.jpg

FVR and Bill were the presidents. The Baguio Earthquake, The Mt. Pinatubo Eruption, the rise of PCs, the middle of the AIDS epidemic in the U.S., Miss Saigon was on Broadway, and 10 years after the Edsa revolution, the Marcoses return

Armed with our M.D.‘s from the great U.P., many of the class spread across the Pacific to continue training in the U.S. while others stayed in PGH to pursue their chosen fields of specialty. From the amorphous mass of medical school, we differentiated into pediatricians, internists, surgeons, physiatrists, family practitioners, and some of us differentiated just a little bit more. We were still figuring out what and who we wanted to be.

(*Please send pictures from your own collections para iba-iba naman yung mga tao sa photos)

NYC, NY 1990
Residency, PGH

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OB On-Call Room

Nurse’s Home

Residency Graduation 1993
Brooklyn Veterans Hospital 1991
Brooklyn, NY 1993


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