’89 Specialist Network


This page is intended to serve as a resource. If anyone has a question in a specific specialty, or needs a referral to a specialist, you can at least ask someone you know (I know I have, more than a few times.)
*Kung may mali, or may gusto kayong idagdag, paki-post na lang.

Allergy and Immunology– Rona C, Malu DA

Cardio– Eugen, Jun, Jette

Derm– Litos, Socouer, Corinne

Endo– Missy, Candy, Myrna, Susie B.

ENT– Bong, Mike DG, Bing, Gabe

Family Med– Pinky T., Maella

Geriatrics– Zerline, Au, Arnel, Butch A.

GI- Martin B, Peter PS

Heme/ Onc– Argie

ID– Tere, Mikey, Jay S., Nick DLP

IM– Len, Jeff, Candy, Mark, Marleen

Neurology– Carissa, Lee, Gerry

Neurosurgery– Anabel

OB-Gyne- Annette, Tonnette, Ricky O., Wen, Leni, Grace, Lutch, Chee

Ortho– Cesar, Toots

Ophtha– Tiggy, Rita, Betbet, Judy, Giselle, Bernie, Ruben, Corinne, Choy, Alma, Beng, Tabs, Albert

Patho– Mila, Binky, Ranny

Pediatrics– Amy, Cynch SO, Eva, Marisha, Ros, Noyke, Bambi, Gabby M, Ching, Joyce, Angel M.

Peds ER– Madessa

Peds GI- Karen T.

Peds Surgery– Celine

Plastic Surg – Jegit, Ricky R, Joel N.

Pulmo– Sylvia, Jeanette, Leni C, Rachie, Isabel (Sleep Disorders), Melissa L.

Radio– Rose, Menchu B.

Rehab– Joel F, Glennda

Renal– Marie DC, Joji, Janet

Rheum– Karen M, Cherry

Surgery– Rainier, Ann, Malou DL, Cecile

TCVS– Gisel

Urology– Dennis S.


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