Expert Speaker Resource Project of UPCM89

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Expert Speaker Resource Project (ESRP) is to offer a means for meaningful interaction between the UPCM/PGH students, residents, and faculty with local and international UPCM alumni experts in various fields. This interaction may take the form of lectures, podcasts, workshops, mentorship, and sharing of resource materials such as books or DVDs. These activities and materials will be free of commercial bias. We intend to increase knowledge and expertise in various medical and health care fields that will benefitUPCM/PGH students, trainees, faculty, and patients through these activities in close cooperation with the Post-Graduate Institute of Medicine. We will create an environment that will enhance and reinforce alumni connection and commitment to the UPCM/PGH mission of excellence and leadership in medical education, research, and service especially for the underserved.


  1. Lecture Series:

Volunteer expert speakers who are UPCM alumni will lecture or conduct workshops with target audience (students, residents, fellows, faculty). ESRP committee members will recruit and screen UPCM alumni to speak on various topics of interest to UPCM/PGH students and staff. Post-Graduate IOM committee and staff will coordinate with speakers and relevant departments to arrange schedule, venue, AV equipment, hand-outs, and other logistics of lectures. We hope to initially have at least 3-4 lectures per year depending on availability of speakers. Speakers may be provided with a letter of invitation from UPCM requesting the lecture. Speakers will provide for their own travel and lodging expenses and will receive no honoraria.

  1. Podcast Series:

ESRP committee members will arrange to record podcasts by UPCM alumni experts on various topics of interest to UPCM/PGH students, residents/ fellows, and faculty which will be made available through Post-Graduate IOM and relevant departments. In the future, video podcasts or live webcasts may also be available.

  1. Resource Library

ESRP committee members and UPCM89 class members will solicit books, hand-outs, DVDs and other resource materials on topics of interest to UPCM students, residents/ fellows, and faculty and will make arrangements to send these materials to the Post-Graduate IOM which will allocate them to the medical library or relevant departments. The Post-Graduate IOM will keep records of receipt and current location of these materials.


ESRP Committee:

Chair: Ma. Lourdes de Asis, MD

Co-Chair: Lenora Canizares- Fernandez, M.D. (Post-Graduate IOM chair)

APRIL 2018

Anaphylaxis Lecture by Ma. Lourdes de Asis MD to Emergency Medicine Dept




BioEthics Lecture by Fr. RV Baylon

January 26, 2015 Lecture and After Pary





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