2013 Homecoming Ball


The torch has officially been passed, and we are now the Silver Jubilarians of the UP College of Medicine 2014! Our esteemed classmates Eva and Tonnette are the new UPMAS president and vice-president respectively for 2014, and Ruben has graciously agreed to be the overall coordinating chair and class 89 president for the Philippine homecoming activities.

As of our class meeting last December, we realized that we have to get serious about our finances. Thanks to the early donors among our US classmates, we have enough in our UPMASA funds to completely pay for our class project (the Learning Resource Center), and approximately P500,000 for other expenses, but we still need more funds to pay for non-project homecoming expenses, which can not come from the UPMASA funds due to UPMASA requirements.

As of December 31, 2013 contributions from US based classmates through UPMASA to the class 89 fund are now closed. Future contributions can be sent to the Philippine account directly to Carissa or Myrna, or dollar contributions can be sent by check to Len Sinay. Since these donations will no longer be tax-deductible, the suggested donation amount for US classmates is lowered to $2000 (which is the same as Class 87).

Since it is already 2014, we urgently need the funds to pay for the hotel and yearbook downpayments and other homecoming expenses. Once you make your contribution, please send a copy of the deposit slip / receipt to Len and Carissa/ Myrna for our records. Len, myself, Amy, and other classmates will be calling you periodically to follow up on attendance at US/ Philippine homecoming, yearbook pix, write-ups, and contributions.

Reservations for the UPCM swatch are also open, cost is PhP5,000 via donation to UPMAS. It’s really quite nice and unisex since it is larger than a ladies watch. Please email Eva if you want to reserve your commemorative watch.

Balik Saya, Balik Sa’yo at Manigong Bagong Taon!





for more pictures go to: 2013 pictures


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