UPCM89 Presents Special Screenings of “Busong” and “Thelma” July 3, 2012 in NYC

In cooperation with Friends of the Filipino Film Industry (thanks to our classmate Bambi A-L), UPCM89 is proud to sponsor special screenings of the multi-awarded films, “Busong” and “Thelma” at the Quad Cinema in NYC (34 W. 13th St.)

“Busong” will be screened from 1:30 to 3PM and “Thelma” will be screened from 3:30 -5PM on July 3, 2012 (Tuesday).

*for TICKET ORDERS AND INFO, please email deasis80@yahoo.com

Proceeds will benefit the UPCM89 Animal Lab project for the UP College of Medicine.

Busong, a multi-awarded indigenous masterpiece created by Master Director Aureaus Solito, was described as “beatific” by the Hollywood Reporter and “magical”, “spellbinding”, and “simply brilliant” by critics from France and around the glove.  Recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the 10 Most Notable Asian Films of 2011, it premiered to a standing ovation at numerous prestigious film festivals worldwide, most notably Cannes and Mill Valley.

Thelma is an inspiring movie about a girl, played by Maja Salvador who “runs to solve her problem”. “Sensitive and moving”, we realize as the story unfolds that life is a race and that we should all be inspired to win. A Bronze Palm Awardee at the 2012 Mexican International Film Festival, the story is both wholesome and edifying. Thelma was named by Runners’ World magazine as one of the Best Running related Films, along with Chariots of Fire and Without Limits.


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