INTARMED: A Giant Leap of Faith

INTARMED: A giant leap of faith By Wen Del Rosario-Raymundo Sunday, July 20, 2008, from The Philippine Star (*Thanks for sending this on Bambi!) In 1982, I entered UP as part of the first-ever Integrated Liberal Arts and Medicine class. INTARMED began as an experimental Accelerated Medicine program that accepted 20 boys and 20 girls […]

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Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation

First Chapter By SANDEEP JAUHAR Published: January 11, 2008 New York Times I had been an intern less than an hour, and already I was running late. The sloping footpath leading up to the hospital was paved with gray cobblestones. My feet ached as my oversize leather sandals slipped on the rounded irregular rocks. The […]

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