Chow Rounds

Being Filipino, and a member of the UPCM ’89, I know you are all as obsessed with food as I am. Who doesn’t have fond memories of all the chow rounds during our IM rotation when we spent most of the time allegedly rounding on our patients actually discussing the dinuguan from Aristocrat or the […]

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A Good Provider Is One Who Leaves

By JASON DePARLE Published: April 22, 2007, The New York Times Magazine On June 25, 1980 (a date he would remember), a good-natured Filipino pool-maintenance man gathered his wife and five children for an upsetting ride to the Manila airport. At 36, Emmet Comodas had lived a hard life without growing hardened, which was a […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mga Alaala ng Masasayang Araw sa UPCM (note scenes in Anatomy class, BSLR, and covered walk) ] (note scenes in parking lot and Med Libe) ] *Disclaimer: This is an equal opportunity blog. If any classmember has any videos or posts you’d like to submit from any UPCM related org, please do so.

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